An Overview

Marc Thorner is currently the principal of THORNERGRAPHICS. Spending most of his career developing and designing cross platform visual solutions, utilizing  digital video for a number of high profile media clients. Now concentrating on Photographic solutions as a means of conveying communication and emotion

Mr. Thorner has a true multimedia background having been involved early in his career with the comic book and animation industry as an art director and moving on with the advent of the personal computer to serving as the Head computer artist for a major financial houses' in-house audiovisual department. There he produced some of the earliest cross platform projects utilizing multimedia and digital video. As s consultant, setting up their digital media department as well as creating presentations for both their in- house and out of house clients in the financial industry.

Turning his attention to broadcast design and illustration, he also explored vrml and was one of the co-founders of the NYVRML-SIG. He was also a trained Avid editor and held Adobe Expert Certifications

Mr. Thorner, as an expert in digital video and multimedia production, has been invited to speak at Macworld Expo. A true early digiratti; Marc also claims to be one of the first New Yorkers to have had a Mac in 1984.

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